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clouds and more of that road. the temperature right now is into mount airy is coming in at around 64. let's send it over to tanya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we have an accident reported in the reisterstown hanover road southbound at kemp road. there's a slight delay there. looking live at the beltway, this is at old court road near 795, starting to slow down on the outer loop to the right of the screen. this slowdown will probably last until edmonton. looking at the beltway at park heights, we have some volume building but nothing bad. there is a report of a broken down car in the inner loop at green spring. be careful going through there. drive times are okay for the most part on 83 and 95. the outer loop bel air to providence will take you from 6 to 8 minutes and traveling the outer loop 795 to 70 takes you from 7 to 10 minutes back to you. stop hurting helpless animals. the mayor of baltimore and adam jones want to stop violence
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against animals. they are asking you to show your softer side. sherrie johnson is here to tell us what it means. >> reporter: yes, athletes are teaming up with the baltimore city mayor to launch a campaign against animal abuse. they are joining the mayor in the effort. this morning they are launching the show your soft side campaign outside city hall. the campaign shows athletes including jones, and ravens linebacker showing pets love with the message only a punk would hurt a cat or a dog. there are public service messages for radio. the campaign was one of the recommendations included in a report from animal cruelty task force created after a series of highly publicized animal cruelty cases including a pit bull puppy set on fire. the launch kicks off this morning at 9:30 at city hall in baltimore. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 6:31. we are expected to hear more gripping testimony today at the trial of michael jackson's
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personal physician. dr. conrad murray. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly giving the pop star a lethal dose of the antithis isic propofol. -- anesthetic propofol. >> reporter: dramatic testimony wednesday from the head of michael jackson's security detail. he was asked about what he saw when he entered jackson's room on the day he died. >> did he appear to be dead? >> yes. >> reporter: he also testified that two of jackson's children were just outside his room. >> paris was on the ground balled up crying. and prince was standing there and he was just -- he had real shock slowly crying type of look on his face. >> reporter: also testifying, jackson personal assistant michael william who said he got a frantic voice mail from dr. murray. [ inaudible. [ . >> reporter: he testified about a request he says the doctor made after jackson was
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pronounced dead. >> he said that there's some cream in michael's room or house i believe room that he wouldn't want the world to know about. and he requested that i or someone give him a ride back to the house to get it. >> reporter: the defense is arguing another doctor arnold klein is partially responsible for jackson's death. because he was giving him demerol shots without murray's knowledge. an executive promoting jackson concerts says he noticed jacksonslurred speech after a visit to klein's office. >> i saw a slower speech pattern a slight slur in the speech. >> reporter: abc2 news. >> 6:33. a live picture of the u.s. capitol where the reverend al sharpton is calling on americans to march on washington to bring attention to the plight of the unemployed. the activists says he is answering the president's call to get behind the jobs act. >> the other night president
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obama in his address to the cbc said that it's time to start marching again. well, those feet will be marching october 15th. those of us that believe that it is necessary to raise the level of drama for those that have been left out the conversation will be marching together on that day. >> president obama spoke to congressional black caucus saturday urging people there to help him fight for the jobs. reverend sharpton's march will be the date before the martin luther king junior memorial is dedicated. news from around the nation. the owners say this is all a mistake after the ice cream family corner opened in florida. they discovered a costume in the back storage room. in hopes of sparking up business, they -- sparking up business they -- sparking up business they desighed to hire someone to stand outside the store with the costume.
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many passer-byers thought they saw a member of the kkk. >> a lady called crying her husband because she didn't want to cross this intersection right here because she thought it was the kkk. >> the owners of the ice cream store say they won't use the costume anymore. well it's a birdbrained idea. watch the left side of the screen. video shows a man in a illinois pet store stealing a parrot. store owners say he remove the blue parrot from the cage and walked out the front door without paying. bird is worth $500. for many people saying bless you when someone sneezes is second nature. but in california, and one classroom it will get you in trouble a high school health teacher says it's disruptive and disrespect ful and knocked 25 points off a stewed antigrade for saying the phrase in class. he says his policy has nothing to do with religo and says it's disrupting the class time.
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>> -- religion and says it disrupting the class time. >> in the old days they thought you were just piling evil spirits out of your body and said god bless you and getting rid of the spirits and what you are doing doesn't make sense. >> everybody has right to their beliefs but they don't have rights to impose those beliefs on other people and especially not school children. >> he says he won't hesitate to discipline students just not in this way anymore. this is a hot topic and we want to know what you think. go to the official wm-ar facebook fan page and weigh in. many of you have been weighing in and if time permits at the end of the show maybe we will get to a couple of your comments. 6:36. it's tough economy and many of us are forced to cut back. however, driving less or maybe cheaper cell phone plans. you find ways to cut corners. we adjust in the times but there's something out there none of us seem to be willing to gib up. we will explain. and you can find a card
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now "good morning maryland." the economy is forced many of us to make adjustment in the budget. dining out certainly not one of them. apparently, 4,000 americans took part in a survey from discount website living social and the average american eats five meals a week at restaurants. 250 meals a year and that includes both sit down and take out. the most popular meal is dining out at lunch. the most frequented titches restaurants italian, mexican and chinese and pizza. it may not be case for a
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lot of us but those who own tablet computers like to use that device to shop and i can attest to it, we do. 9% of online shoppers own tablets. the ones that spend more time and more importantly more money online. stores are taking notice and macy's created a tablet and mobile friendly site that loadfaster than other companies likeqvc and nordstrom and crate and bearel are creating apps as well. hallmark is leading the way with cards for newly unemployed that are freshly laid off. with the national unemployment rate above 9%. jobs for the -- cards for the jobless is a growing business move. 16 deaths and 72 illnesses and expected now to get worse. corinne. >> reporter: the latest on the listeria canteloupe outbreak after more direct are reported. i will have the new warnings coming up. gl. >> reporter: when you get a parking ticket you have to pay for it. why people living in this
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baltimore neighborhood say no way. not time to move the bus yet but soon a eastern shore family will have a new home more on the extreme makeover family latest family. fog and showers and thunderstorms possible this afternoon. when we will cool down and dry out coming up. >> reporter: slowing down top side and the west side of the beltway. we will look when "good morning maryland" continues.
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thursday september 29th. good morning i am charley croreson of the time for your abc2 news to go. corinne redman has an update in the deadliest outbreak in the u.s. in more than a decade. and linda so fills us in on parking and road controversy in north baltimore and tanya will have a check of the forecast-- or that commute and what you can spec on the roadways but first let's kick it off with a check of your forecast with lynette charles. >> let's talk about what's going on right now. we do have a coastal flood advisory for the areas here shaded in the bluish color.
6:46 am
and this is until six tomorrow morning. then we jump over into carroll county where you are looking at this grayish color. this is a dense fog advisory until 9 this morning. so as you head out and about, have the low beams on and take it easy because visibility is very low. right now, temperature wise, we are coming in upper 60s into edge mere and more -- edgemere and more into darlington. -- edgemere and more into darlington. things are dry right now but going into the afternoon a. chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. i am going to call them scattered in nature. a high around 77 degrees. warm and muggy once again. let's go over to tanya with your traffic. >> reporter: we have an accident reported 32 at 70 in howard county. also the inner loop at green spring a broken down car. let's look live at our traffic cameras. this is the beltway at old court road slowing down on the outer loop on the northwest side. also taking a look top side of the beltway at harford road. and we have stop and go traffic
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that will be slow on harford road around to charles street. so be aware of that. back to you. >> 6:46. the deadliest food crisis in america in more than a decade continues to worsen. this morning there are now more deaths linked to the tainted canteloupe and corinne redman is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: health detectives continue to gather the latest numbers linked to the food crisis. the tainted canteloupes are linked to 72 cases of listeria and 16 deaths and there's fear there's more to come. so-called food investigators are working around the clock trying to track the spread of the deadliest which is pier -- listeria in decades. it is believed the bad canteloupe came from colorado. they were shipped from july 29th through september 10th. and the farm says that in that time frame they can shipped more than a can be -- they shipped more than million and half canteloupe to a dozen states. >> just a small number of list tier yarks it doesn't make you
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sick right away. -- listeria, it doesn't make you sick right away. >> reporter: public health officials say most of the bad canteloupes has been pulled from the goshry shelf but urges the public to still use caution. 130,000 pound of ground beef has been recalled. tyson fresh meat issued the recall over possible e.coli contamination. the packages have a code of est245d. also on them message saying best before or freeze by september 12th. tyson suspect most of the meat has been eaten by the use date. parents listen up. before buying a new toy for your kid, little tykes is recalling more than million of theworkshop and tool set toys focus on toil nails that can pose a chowing hazard to young kids. this is an expangs of a 2009 -- expansion of a 2009 recall. a family was cleaning out a
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man's home after he died and found quite a surprise. that family reached into a dresser drawer and found two world war ii grenades. the pins still inside. home is on st. margaret's road not far from the naval academy. grenades were two japanese grenades from world war ii. the bomb truck came out and detonated them at the sandy point state park. we know parking to be a real issue but for those in a baltimore neighborhood it's getting ugly. linda so is live on giddings avenue to explain what all the hub -hub is about. >> reporter: this road is really narrow. you can barely get through. that's why people who live here park their car on the sidewalks and makes more room for bigger cars and trucks and an ambulance that may have to come back. the city have started to right tickets for that. people who live here say that
6:50 am
$700 fine is reduck -- $77 fine is ridiculous. they have been park on the sidewalk for decades and think it's absurbed for city to issue tickets but the city's department of transportation will say they enforce the law until it changes. >> some of the other people who got tickets in the neighborhood paid them i took it to court and was found not guilty and exh i explained the situation and he understood it. he didn't say anything further. >> reporter: now as you can imagine, people who live here along giddings hopes the issue will be resolved soon. councilman bill henry called for a city council hearing. that will be held in about a mormonth on november 16th. traffic frustration in a part of harford county will get less in the coming days. we are talking about 24 and 924 intersection. the construction project almost wrapped up. it will allow drivers to go in and south of time via i-95.
6:51 am
more and more people have moved into the area and the traffic has gotten worse especially with the new wegmans that opened. >> it will take me 10 minutes to get to work. sometimes 20, 30 minutes because of the traffic. >> well, with the rain we have had, that delayed the opening. now the road is set to open tuesday at 5 a.m. 6:51. five things to know on this thursday morning. a man -- amanda knox's lawyers will deliver final arguments today. the final verdict will be issued by no later than monday. she was convicted in 2009 along with her ex-boyfriend in the murder of her house mate. she was sentenced to 26 years and now prosecutor wants the sentencing to lengthen. ed and the house is on course to pass a one week spending bill to keep the government running through october 4th. measure is expected to be approved by unanimous consent. because if a single objection takes place congress returns on friday to shed off a -- head
6:52 am
off a shutdown. organizers for the national charry blossom festival are expanding next year's festivities to mark the 100th anniversary. it will -- next week's speed cameras go. >> service in key school zones. they will have the cameras in the zones. signs alerting dressers about the cameras are -- drivers about the cameras are going be installed. you can celebrate national coffee day by pick up a free cup of coffee from mcdonald's or crispy creep. -- krispy kreme. an amazing transformation is about to take place. the cast and crew from extreme makeover home edition are back in maryland and sherrieionson has more on the big surprise one family got and what they can expect in days to come. >> reporter: charley, excite is
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building for a family on the eastern shore. house demolition begins sometime today for the johnson goslee family. the home is undergoing big changes. ty pennington and crew surprise the family yesterday. they live in mardela springs. 16-year-old wyzhir lost his hand while work on the family's home but that hasn't stopped him from being amentsor and continuing toraise more -- money to preserve the being aan american heritage -- african american heritage. the home that is low ceilings and plaques will you being-- plumbingp they don't have a shower or bathtub in the home so when ty pennington and the crew arrived it was a welcome sight. >> we were in the lowest valley giving up and wyzhir says we can't give up now. >> we are not going to cry or be upsetism want to go home.
6:54 am
>> reporter: now -- upset i just want to go home. >> reporter: it's expected to start later this morning at 11. the family will enjoy a vacation in santa barbara california while the work is being done and will return next tuesday for the big move the bus celebration. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's tornado. >> okay, my god. >> it's a tornado. oh, my gosh. >> her home video camera and record it. patio furniture was tossed and a wooden swing set was destroyed and shingles were torn off roofs in the neighborhood. luckily no one was injured. that's good news. but you can see the tornado there. and you know this tornado came from the upper-level low that we are still dealing with. but luckily, this is going to be moving out of the area throughout today but not before it spun up in michigan yesterday. we will be replaced with mother
6:55 am
disturbance moving into the area. so we will get this one out of here this cold front will move into the area going through tonight and tomorrow bringing cooler air in here especially as we head into the weekend. so temperatures will feel much cooler. downright chilly i might add. now speak of chilly, it's not chilly as we head to the tropics. and we are talking about the tropics because it doesn't end until the end of november. we have felipe and ophelia out here. they are not doing anything or affecting us and that's what we like to hear. we are dealing with the chance of showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon but mainly dry especially this morning. looking at future radar going into saturday, i told you the next disturbance moving in, that's where eye it could bring showers in here into next saturday. the temperatures around 77 degrees and showers and storms today. humid once again and we will be dealing with the warm weather. temperatures above average. by tonight, the temperature will be around 57 degrees and patchy clouds and a little
6:56 am
cooler as well. and by tomorrow the temperature coming in at 73. partly cloudy and stray shower is possible out there. and here's the 7-day forecast because we are looking good as we head for the ravens game. that temperature around 61 with ample sunshine heading into next week. >> reporter: 95 northbound at 100 a broken down car. howard county an accident 32 at i-70. let's look at where the slowdown end on the beltway. this is 695 at frederick road. this is where it ends and it will be slow from 795 to edmonton. be aware of that. also, 695 at harford road, top side, we have a slowdown here. it's stop and go and will last all the way to charles street. so slow going top side and the northwest side of the beltway. jfx is slowing down. go to facebook this morning and let us know what you think about the california teach here punish a student for saying god bless you after someone sneezed. what you think about that?
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>> a little hash? >> yes. good morning america covering the red sox collapse. let's go to new york. i'm a curious seeker.
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